Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tips for Buying Tennis Apparel (part 2 of 2)

Next thing you have to look into is comfort. it's very important that a player woman or man be  comfortable in the gear they wear. This is because discomfort during a game can give you disastrous results. Anybody remember the Pacqiuao fight where he got a bad blister in the foot just because he wasn't wearing his brand of socks. Some may think of it as being too prima dona but when you think about the fact that most professional athletes share the same sentiments as he did that time.

You need to be comfortable with the gear on your back so you can focus on your game. If the shirt is too tight or too itchy then you have to think about that as well as thinking whether to throw back a lob or a drive. Another thing to consider is the price. A lot of people can wish all day long on getting the latest signature tennis shoes or the latest in Nike's tennis wear collection but the bottom line is that it would be just too much for a minimum wage earner.

The price of the tennis apparel that you are thinking of buying is important because it may be too much for a C type of game. When buying tennis apparel you need to remember that you need to be wise enough to know than not everything that's expensive is the best quality. Remember all of these things when you are looking into buying tennis apparel for yourself or even for other people.


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