Friday, October 30, 2015

Tutoring For Kids With Learning Disabilities (part 2 of 2)

When choosing tutors for children with learning disabilities, we would like to extra cautious.  Getting a tutor who cannot understand and cope with the disability, would make the child and the tutor very frustrated on the end of the day.  You would have to remember several things when looking for a tutor for kids with LD.

When getting a tutor, you should first explain to your children that it is not about making your child pity themselves.  It is to help them cope with their disabilities.  You can ask your teacher or co-parent , if they could recommend several tutors that would be able to help. 

Once somebody has applied for the tutor position, the first thing you do is check about the credentials, education and training, experience and references.  You can check  previous clients and see if they are satisfied with the tutoring.  Once you meet with the tutor explain clearly the needs of your child and set goals and how to achieve them.  Planning is important, you would have to be patient and at the same schedule lessons in a pace that they could easily be comfortable with.

Children with learning disabilities sometimes find it hard to deal with tutoring sessions that comes right after regular classes.  The problem is that regular school work can be very much for them, so you could schedule tutoring session times where children are not too tired and are ready to learn.

Tutoring should be an interactive time for you kids.  You would have to be conscious about that.  If your tutor is still using the same technique used in classrooms, then you would have to notify them.   Children with learning disabilities respond better to direct teaching and guided practice. It is also important that the tutor will be notifying you about any changes or improvements


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